The Foundation Course is the prerequisite for the Intermediate

Intermediate Course

Our Intermediate programme runs for two years as you develop your knowledge and skills with tools and materials, giving you confidence in your studio.

City & Guild: Design and Craft pathway - composed of 360 guided learning hours.  This course will be two years part-time with two days (14 hours) contact time over 11 months each year.  Available will be an optional third day for self-study in the studio prior to or immediately after the two-day teaching sessions.

Design - Felt - Traditional - Modern

Use design principles - balance, rhythm, contrast and dominance, harmony, scales and proportion.

Explore, at depth, your felt making skills using inspirational source materials.  Develop innovative ideas, practice traditional techniques and acquire complex practical skills. You will be supported to gain a thorough knowledge of the range of materials, processes and techniques involved.