Programme - Foundation Creative Studies

Pathway – Creative Embroidery

This is a 120-hour programme that establishes and develops design and skills in a craft area. It is for anyone who wishes to study their craft area in depth, which could be for personal interest or for professional development. The participant may have attended a number of workshops, or done an introductory programme; and is now ready to progress, integrating design alongside good craft skills to develop as a maker. The participant will be guided to make two items based on their design and samples folios. One will have an aesthetic bias and the other a functional. The programme will be delivered through home study and / or classroom delivery, where gained knowledge is applied in practice.

How is the Programme organised?

This is a 1-year programme leading to an ArtyBird Foundation qualification in Creative Studies – Creative Embroidery accredited by City & Guilds.



Design gives you the building blocks to be able to put ideas down and create original pieces in your craft area. It gives you a basic understanding of how to use colour, line, shape, form and texture. Although the experiments and exploration are done in paper, it is fully linked to your craft area.



We study both Hand and Machine embroidery.

  • hand stitching developing texture and line stitches.

  • sewing machine; developing free machine embroidery.

  • use of fabrics in appliqué techniques.

  • explore fabrics, threads and fibres in bonding and layering techniques.

  • You will also cover dyeing and colouration techniques to create backgrounds and materials for use in embroidery.



There are 2 making projects in the Foundation Programme

  • An aesthetic piece.

  • A functional item.