Our Foundation programme takes someone new to working in the studio environment, delivering the basics of what is needed to safely work as you develop new skills. It runs for one year as you decide if you wish to go further.

The Foundation course is where you start your apprenticeship. You learn the basic skills of your craft area. This is supported by design, which will allow you to develop as an individual maker. The course is broad in nature to introduce you to a range of skills and ideas.

Within the framework of City & Guilds Design and Craft qualifications, ArtyBird Australia works closely with their UK partner, ArtyBird Carnforth and Kate Horner.  The course materials we use have been developed by Kate using her considerable experience and knowledge to build a suite of four felt courses: Introduction, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. 

All courses lead to City & Guild certification.

ArtyBird Australia is now offering all four courses beginning with the Foundation course (which includes the Introduction course).  It is a prerequisite for the next stage - two-year Intermediate Course.  The Intermediate level is a prerequisite for the two-year Advanced course.

Meet your tutor - Cheryl Cook



The Foundation course leads to a City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Design and Craft:  7716-52 Felt making

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Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who wishes to study their craft area in depth. This could be for your own personal interest or for professional development. You may have attended a number of workshops and discovered your passion for textiles and are now ready to study this as part of a professional course, integrating design alongside good craft skills to develop yourself as a maker.


This is a one-year course that has 3 aspects to it.

Design:  You will cover the design elements: colour, shape, line, texture and form. We will do this through studying 3 themes across the year.

Felt Samples: You will learn many felt techniques; traditional and contemporary. You will work many samples developing your skills and seeing how your design work can be interpreted in felt. There is also a formal samples folio to create where the finished samples should be no smaller than A4.

 Making:  There are 2 projects in which you will develop and make felt items.

  • Using traditional felt techniques
  • Using innovative felt techniques.

The course is designed to integrate these 3 aspects seamlessly, through three themed projects, taking a term each. 




This is a City & Guild (C & G): Design and Craft pathway - ArtyBird Australia provides 150 guided learning hours which includes C & G Introductory course to give a solid preparation.  This is offered as a one year part-time course at two days (14 hours) per month contact time over 11 months.   A third optional self-work day will be available prior to the two-day teaching sessions. 

Classes will be held in Gippsland at:

Working studio environment

- Studio 1: Tanjil South, Victoria